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Windwalker Outdoor school
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Our Services
This page allows us to describe and give prices for the classes we provide.
Here's a sample of a weekend class:
  • 2 Day class.  
  • How to start a fire without matches.
  • How to make cordage from plant fibres.
  • How to make a debris shelter.
  • Vital information like the RULE of 3's.
  • Heat loss mechanisms.
  • Proper knife use and camp safety.

Plant identification for tools and fire.

2 day class:
 Custom class:
 Currently doing classes on a first call basis. Just E-Mail for the next available time.
$65.00 per day per person

The custom classes we offer require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price.

Please E-mail for  more details.

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

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Windwalker Outdoor School