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Windwalker Outdoor school


At Windwalker Outdoor School it is our quest to teach people how to stay alive in
the outdoors with skills like those that can allow you to make fire without matches or a lighter. Or how to make shelter with the forest debris or how to find and use plants that can provide food and material for tools. You’ll also learn skills on how to make water safe to drink and how to make cordage from plant material. Vital information like the RULE of 3s and heatloss mechanisms are also taught.
 The classes are fun and enjoyable. You'll come away with the knowledge that will make that unexpected night on the trail, some island on a lake, or the deer woods an adventure instead of an ordeal.

Windwalker Outdoor School


Come and join us for a weekend of fun and learning.

Debris Shelter

Please get in touch for class schedule .

Windwalker Outdoor School